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IML žygis „Bern-Belp“, Šveicarija

2016 06 04 @ 06:00 - 2016 06 05 @ 17:00

Welcome to international two days walking event in Switzerland. This weekend !

Registration to the Swiss Two-Days-March


1.1. The Swiss Two-Days-March is held annually on the 3rd weekend of May in the region of Bern-Belp. It takes place during any weather conditions.
1.2. Application is open to marching groups of members of armed forces, police forces, border patrol, fire fighters, cadet corps, junior shooters, schools, unions as well as individuals from Switzerland and abroad.
1.3. For groups the minimum number of participants is six persons.
1.4. Start and finish are in Belp. Marching routes of 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 km are offered. The respective routes are indicated.
1.5. Start on Saturday and Sunday for 40 km is from 06.30 am until 07.30 am; Closing time for the finish is at 04.00 pm.
1.6. Start on Saturday and Sunday for 30 km is from 07.30 am until 08.30 am; Closing time for the finish is at 04.00 pm.
1.7. Start on Saturday and Sunday for 20 km is from 08.30 am until 09.30 am; Closing time for the finish is at 04.00 pm.
1.8. Start on Saturday and Sunday for 10 km is from 09.30 am until 10.30 am; Closing time for the finish is at 04.00 pm.
1.9. The starting fee is CHF 30.00 for adults CHF 20.00 for juniors until age 20, as well as military schools and CHF 15.00 for children under age 10.
1.10. Food and beverage is the responsibility of each participant.
1.11. Food stalls are situated in the break areas.
1.12. Camping is permitted on official camping grounds only. These can be found on under” links”.
1.13. The organizing committee (OC) supplies to each participant lodging in group accommodations. Cost is CHF 35.00 per person and per night, breakfast included. Members and former members of the Swiss Armed Forces are entitled to stay in the barrack. The number of places there is limited, places are distributed on a first come, first served basis. A sleeping bag must be brought along.
1.14. The fare for lodging and meals must be paid in CHF in cash at the lodgment.
1.15. Hotel rooms and other lodgments are not supplied. Information on such can be found with Bern Tourism or on under links.
1.16. Vehicle conductors are required to park their vehicles on the indicated parking slots only. Directions from Security Personnel are strictly to be followed. Delinquents will be prosecuted and have their vehicle towed at their own expense.
1.17. Insurance is a matter of participants; the OC denies any responsibility.
1.18. Medical Service is organized at the finish and on the march routes; the doctor can be reached permanently by phone under 077 411 79 19; in urgent emergency situations the ambulance is to be called under 144 and the OC is to be informed under 077 407 67 87.
1.19. By applying and/or participating, the participant agrees to the registration, the regulations and the decisions of the OC.

Further Information is available on the website of the Swiss Two-Day-March.

Schweizerischer Zweitagemarsch
Postfach 231
CH-3052 Zollikofen
Phone: from 1st March 2011: +41 (0)77 407 67 87
For the Netherlands also possible: Phone: +31 10 418 79 43


2016 06 04 @ 06:00
2016 06 05 @ 17:00
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Schweizerischer Zweitagemarsch
+41 (0)77 407 67 87
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Bern Belp, 3123 Šveicarija + Google žemėlapis

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